Baseball Betting Tips: Why A Dimeline Is Important

Saving dimes on your odds can add up.

Using sportsbooks that offer dimeline odds will provide you with a substantial advantage when it comes to baseball betting.

The term ‘dimeline’ means when the difference between what favorites and underdogs pay on a moneyline wager is 10 cents. For example, if the Mets are listed as -130 favorites and the Dodgers are listed as +120 underdogs, the difference between the line is 10 cents – or a dimeline.

Compare the dimeline to the standard 20-cent line that most sportsbooks use. With a 20-cent line, the Mets might still be a -130 favorite but the Dodgers would pay only +110 as underdogs.

Simply put, sportsbooks that offer dimelines on baseball betting (like Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes) are charging you less juice (or vigorish) than those who only offer 20-cent lines. And that can make a big difference to your bottom line, particularly if you – like most successful baseball bettors – bet on a lot of underdogs.

The same applies to betting on totals. Most sportsbooks offer a 20-cent line on totals (over -110, under -110), but some books like Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes offer dimeline betting on totals (over -105, under -105).

It may not sound like a lot, but a few extra cents on all your wagers will quickly add up.

Here’s an example:

Bettor #1 bets 100 games at a sportsbook that offers only 20-cent lines. Betting $100 a game, his winning percentage is 50 per cent and his average bet is on +105 underdogs. His 50 wins at +105 odds pay him $5250. His 50 losses at $100 a bet cost him $5,000, so he nets $250 profit after 100 bets.

Bettor #2 bets the same games at a sportsbook that offers a dimeline. Betting the same $100 a game, his winning percentage is also 50 per cent, but his average odds on his bets is +115. His 50 wins at +115 odds pay him $5750 and his 50 losses at $100 a bet cost him $5,000, leaving a profit of $750 after 100 bets.

Bettor #2 made $500 more, or triple the profit, of Bettor #1 while betting similar amounts on the same games.

Triple the profit? Sounds good to us, and the only thing we needed to do was use a sportsbook that offered a dimeline on baseball betting.



3 Responses to Baseball Betting Tips: Why A Dimeline Is Important

  1. Terry says:


    How do you figure the percentage chance of winning from the dime line? For instance let’s say team A is -1.30 and team B is + 1.20 how does that equate for percentage chance of winning for team A?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Terry… please forgive my late reply, and thanks for your interest. For calculating probability of winning by using moneylines, you need to take the amount you’re wagering and divide it by the potential return. For example, a -170 favourite would pay $270 return on a $170 bet, so use 170/270. That equals 62.96%, which is your break-even percentage. Conversely, a +150 underdog would pay $250 return on a $100 bet. So use 100/250 to get a percentage of 40%. The numbers don’t add up to 100% (in this case, about 102.96%) because the sportsbook takes that extra percentage as its “hold”.

  3. Admin says:

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