Eight NFL Live Betting Tips

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Live betting is becoming more and more popular as a way of making NFL spread picks.

Football is a great sport for live betting because of all the sudden changes in momentum.

One team can look in full control before a fluke interception or fumble turns the game around. Even a dropped pass or holding penalty can be enough to disrupt a promising drive and quickly shift the odds in the other direction.

Here are eight NFL live betting tips to help you make more money this season:

1. Look for value

Unless you were too busy before the game to place your bet, you should only use NFL live betting to try to get better value on the NFL lines.

For example, you want to bet on the Patriots +3 but the best odds you could find before the game were +1. By doing live betting, you can wait to see if the Patriots fall behind early, then get your +3 (or maybe even better) on the NFL live betting lines.

Football games are …

How Football Teasers Can Help You Beat NFL Lines

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Instead of taking your chances making NFL spread picks this season, you might want to play football teasers instead.

Teasers, in case you don’t know, allow you to move a point spread or total in your direction (standard football teasers means moving the NFL lines 6 points).

In exchange for the extra points you receive on your bet, you’ll need to parlay at least two games on your football teasers ticket and win them all to cash in.

Here’s an example

NFL lines on opening week of the 2014 season at Pinnacle Sports saw Cowboys as +4.5 versus the 49ers and the Broncos as -7 points against the Colts.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 12.49.25 PM


If you liked the Cowboys and Broncos but were a bit nervous about having to make NFL spread picks, you could move the Cowboys to +10.5 and the Broncos to -1 by playing a 6-point teaser.


Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 12.49.31 PM

See what we did there?

You would need to win them both to cash your bet, generally getting back the same return on your wager that you would …

Nine Baseball Betting Tips

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1. Stay disciplined
The Major League Baseball season is the longest in professional sports. Over a 162-game schedule, even the top teams will lose four or five games in a row – and so will you. Be sure to stay disciplined and don’t chase your losses when things aren’t going well. If you consistently make good bets and don’t vary your wager sizes, you should come out ahead in the long run.

2. Starting pitchers
The starting pitching matchup is the biggest thing oddsmakers consider when setting the moneyline and total on a baseball game, and it should be the first thing you look at as well.
The win-loss records and earned-run averages of the starting pitchers are a good place to start, but there are more things to keep in mind. Take a look at each pitcher’s recent performances to see if they are on top of their games or in a slump. Also, baseball is a game of matchups, so research how each pitcher has performed against the other team in his career. …

Baseball Betting Tips: Other Ways To Bet On Heavy Favourites

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Want to bet on a heavy favourite in baseball but you don’t want to lay the big juice? You have options.

1. Bet the runline
The runline in baseball is the equivalent of the point spread in football or basketball and the puck line in hockey. Basically, if you bet a favourite on the runline, you’re betting that your team will win by two runs or more. Having that extra handicap on your bet often means turning a heavy favourite into a slight underdog, so you’re risking less to win more.
Say, for example, the Phillies with their ace on the mound are a -215 home favourite over the Brewers and their fifth starter. Laying -215 means you have to bet more than twice the amount you’re hoping to win back, something that’s hardly ever a smart bet in baseball. But if you took the Phillies on the runline (-1.5 runs), you’re likely getting +100 or better at more sportsbooks. At that line, you’ll double your money or even get a bit more if the …

MLB Betting: Five Unique Baseball Betting Rules

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Understanding the several unique baseball betting rules is essential if you are considering betting on baseball.
There are a couple main reasons why baseball betting rules are different than other sports. Starting pitchers are the biggest factor when oddsmakers set baseball betting lines , so a last-minute pitching change will affect or even cancel your wager. Also, weather can cause games to be called before they go the regulation nine innings, causing complications for over/under and run line bets.
Here’s a quick look at five of the most important rules to keep in mind when betting baseball.

1. If a game does not go the regulation nine innings (or 8.5, if the home team is ahead), your over/under and run line bets will be canceled.
For example, let’s say you bet over 9.5 in a game between Texas and Baltimore. Texas leads 8-6 in the seventh inning before heavy rain causes the umpires to call the game. Even though the game is considered official under MLB rules because it went at least five innings, the …

March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament: 10 Betting Tips For Proline And Sportsbook Players

Here are 10 key NCAA basketball betting tips to help you make some money on this year’s March Madness tournament:

1. Learn from the conference tournaments

The conference tournaments can be a preview of what to expect in th

e NCAA tournament, since there are several parallels between the two competitions. Like the NCAA tournament, conference tournament games are played on neutral floors, so you get a chance to see how teams perform when there is no home-floor advantage. And like the NCAA tournament, conference tournaments are single-elimination, giving you the opportunity to see how teams perform under the pressure of win or go home. This year, Syracuse proved it is still a team to look out for in the NCAA tournament, reaching the final of the Big East tournament despite struggling down the stretch of the conference season.

2. Don’t over-react to conference tournament results
Like we just said, there ar

e things that can be learned by how a team performs at the season-ending conference tournaments. Just be sure to take some of …

Proline March Madness Betting: Proline And Sportsbooks Offer Different Options

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Outside of the NHL playoffs, there might be no better time of year for Canadian sports bettors than March Madness.

Sixty-four (well, 68 now, since the tournament expanded a few years ago to include four “play-in” games) will battle for NCAA men’s basketball supremacy over the next month. Buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories and the desperation of win or go home – and betting on it allows you to be part of the exciting action.

Proline and online sportsbooks both offer Canadians the chance to get into the game. Here’s what your options are for each way of betting on this year’s tournament.


Ontario’s sports lottery offers a limited menu of betting options, but it might be enough to satisfy your needs if you’re just looking for a little action.

With Proline, you can bet on five different outcomes for the game. You can take the Visitor + or the Home +, where either the visiting team or home team (depending on who you picked) has to win the basketball game by 11 points or …

Betting On Teams Without Their Star Player

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This week, many NBA bettors were licking their lips to see Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving out of the lineup due to injury.

Chicago opened as a 6.5 point home favourite to the Cavs Wednesday but, after word got out that Irving would miss the game, the Bulls were bet up to 8-point faves.

A similar thing happened the following night, when Cleveland hosted the Raptors. Toronto opened as a 3.5 point favourite but was laying as many as 5.5 points by tipoff.

Obviously, bettors saw extra value in betting against Cleveland without Irving on the floor. And they were wrong.

The Cavaliers won both games outright, stunning the Bulls by three points in Chicago and then defeating the Raps by 11.

Situations like this are fast becoming a trend in sports, particularly the NBA. Remember how the Boston Celtics went on a huge winning streak as soon as Rajon Rondo was lost for the season and NBA experts said there was no chance they could make the playoffs?

When we hear star players are …

NHL Betting Tips: Bet On Teams Playing First Home Game After Long Road Trip

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Listening to the radio today, I heard that Carolina Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller was nervous about last night’s game against the Leafs because the Canes were playing their first game after a lengthy road trip.

Such a scenario is widely perceived as a tough spot for teams. The first game back after a long road trip can almost feel like another road game for teams, plus there’s the distractions of reuniting with family and friends after being gone for a while.
It got me wondering how big of a disadvantage it is to teams. And I was surprised with what I found.

Going back through the 2011-12 NHL season, I found 97 situations when teams were on road trips of four games or longer.
Just looking at win/loss records can be misleading when it comes to betting. Since moneylines can be as high as -200 for some teams, it’s impossible to determine whether it’s profitable to blindly bet on or against teams playing their first home game after a long road trip.

So I looked …

Super Bowl Betting: More Betting Options Than Just Point Spread, Proline

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So much of the talk you hear about the Super Bowl is the point spread, but there are tons of other ways to bet on the big game. Here’s a breakdown of the wide variety of Super Bowl betting lines available.

(Odds taken from Bet365 on Jan. 25)

This is a very popular option for Canadian sports bettors. With Proline, you can bet on the point spread, money line (including a tie option for a game decided by 3 points or less) and the over/under. Proline will also almost certainly be offering many Super Bowl-related betting options on a props card. Using Proline to bet on the Super Bowl is obviously convenient because you can just buy your ticket at the corner store, rather than having to set up an account with an online sportsbook and deposit money in it. But you’ll be getting way worse odds through Proline Super Bowl betting, and you’ll have to parlay your Super Bowl picks (bet on a couple other games on the same ticket) instead of being …


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