Will Single-Game Sports Betting Really Help Canadian Sports Bettors?

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Bill C-290, the proposed legislation that would allow government to regulate single-game wagering in Canada gained some very serious support from Conservative Senator Bob Runciman last week.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech to Senate by the 70-year-old Runciman, who is also known for fighting against the end of slots at racetracks and for his pro-horse racing stance in Ontario:

Make no mistake: If you vote against this bill, you are not voting to put a stop to single-event sports   gambling, but you are voting to ensure it remains in the shadows, with the money going offshore and to organized crime.

No one knows for sure how much money is bet on single sporting events by Canadians, but we know it is in the billions, perhaps the tens of billions of dollars. Voting against this bill will not change it one bit. The testimony from experts at committee was clear: Single-event sports betting is readily available and widely practised by Canadians.

Runciman seems to have changed his stance — or at least his level of …

The Greek Exits U.S. Market, Continues To Serve Canadians

Here’s another reason to be glad we’re Canadian.

The Greek, one of the most respected offshore sportsbook companies in the industry, withdrew from the U.S. market last weekend. Bet Jamaica, which is owned by The Greek and featured a clientele that was nearly entirely American, transferred its U.S. customers to Heritage Sports and closed its doors for good. The Greek will remain in operation for Canadians and other non-American players, while Canadians and other non-Americans with accounts at Bet Jamaica had their accounts moved to The Greek.

It’s not entirely surprising to see The Greek take these measures, and it’s certainly not a sign of impending doom for any Canadians with an offshore sportsbook account. Pinnacle Sports voluntarily withdrew itself from the U.S. market a few years ago but still remains arguably the best and safest offshore sportsbook in the world.

The Greek’s decision to pull out of the U.S. is in response to the American crackdown on funding of Internet gambling accounts. Several high-profile poker sites were also recently shut down by the …