Proline NHL Tie Odds Not Quite As Fair As They Appear

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With more than a quarter of NHL games this season going to overtime (145 of 556, or 25.6 per cent), the Proline tie odds of 6.00 or higher may seem pretty appealing.

If Proline graded all overtime games as ties, 6.00 odds would be more than fair. A 5:1 return (6.00 is 5:1 odds, since the payout includes your original bet) on something that happens once every four games would be a smart bet every day of the week.

Unfortunately, Proline only grades games as ties when they go to a shootout. If a game is decided in the five-minute overtime session, it is not graded as a tie.

In the NHL this season, only 89 of the 145 games that went to OT were eventually decided in a shootout. That drops the overall percentage of NHL games graded by Proline as ‘ties’ to 16 per cent.

A 5:1 return implies a 20 per cent likelihood of something happening. So by offering 6.00 odds on a tie, Proline is still not quite offering you …

Proline Can Occasionally Offer Better Odds For NCAA Basketball Betting

Betting college basketball at Proline isn’t ideal, but it can occasionally have one major advantage: better lines.

While college basketball point spreads can fluctuate drastically (by one or two points, sometimes even more) during the day in Las Vegas and at online sportsbooks, they seem to remain the same at Proline. That can open up some value.

In tonight’s NCAA basketball betting action, for example, two of the seven games on Proline’s Ontario card have point spreads that have a difference or two points or more from online sportsbooks. Yale is +8.5 at Proline but has been bet down to +6 offshore, while Arizona is -1.5 at Proline and -3.5 offshore.

With so many college basketball games decided within one or two points of the point spread, disparities like this can make Proline a better way to go on occasion.

Of course, the problems with betting NCAA basketball — or any other sport — with Proline remain. You have to parlay at least two outcomes together (most often three), and the payout on your parlays …

Baseball Proline And Sportsbook Odds And Free Picks For September 4, 2013

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Blue Jays at Diamondbacks, 3:40 p.m. eastern

Pinnacle Sports odds: Blue Jays +107/Diamondbacks -116, O/U 8
Ontario Proline Odds: Blue Jays 1.80/Diamondbacks 1.60, O/U 8.5
British Columbia PlayNow Odds: Blue Jays 2.05/Diamondbacks 1.80, O/U 8
Western Canada Proline Odds: Blue Jays 1.90/Diamondbacks 1.55, O/U 8.5
Quebec Mise-O-Jeu Odds: Blue Jays 1.70/Diamondbacks 1.70, O/U 8.5
Atlantic Canada Proline Odds: Blue Jays 2.80/Tie 2.85/Diamondbacks 2.15, O/U 7.5

Why Blue Jays will win: Jays are as hot as they’ve been since that 11-game winning streak, posting victories in seven of their last nine. Edwin Encarnacion loves hitting at Chase Field, clubbing home runs in each of his past five games there. Toronto starter Mark Buerhle is 6-0 with a 1.93 ERA in his last eight starts, going at least seven innings in three of his last four outings. D-backs have lost five of six and are losing hope in NL Wild Card hunt.
Why Diamondbacks will win: Starter Randall Delgado has been stellar at home this year, posting a 3.29 ERA in …

Proline March Madness Betting: Best V+, H+, V, H And Tie Bets

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Even if you know which teams you want to bet on, you still have tough decisions to make when

you’re filling out your college basketball Proline ticket.

Do you take the visitor or home plus, going for the extra payout but needing your team to win by 11 points or more? Perhaps you go a bit more conservative, just needing your team to win the game by six points or more. Or you could always go the tie route, when you just need your team to keep the game within five points (win or lose).

Each option comes with its own set of risks. It sucks to pick the winning team, only to lose your ticket because of the tie rule. And it really sucks when you pick an underdog to tie, only to see them win the game by more than five points and sink your ticket.

With this in mind, we decided to take a close look at 12 of the top teams in this year’s March Madness NCAA basketball tournament and see …

Proline March Madness Betting: Proline And Sportsbooks Offer Different Options

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Outside of the NHL playoffs, there might be no better time of year for Canadian sports bettors than March Madness.

Sixty-four (well, 68 now, since the tournament expanded a few years ago to include four “play-in” games) will battle for NCAA men’s basketball supremacy over the next month. Buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories and the desperation of win or go home – and betting on it allows you to be part of the exciting action.

Proline and online sportsbooks both offer Canadians the chance to get into the game. Here’s what your options are for each way of betting on this year’s tournament.


Ontario’s sports lottery offers a limited menu of betting options, but it might be enough to satisfy your needs if you’re just looking for a little action.

With Proline, you can bet on five different outcomes for the game. You can take the Visitor + or the Home +, where either the visiting team or home team (depending on who you picked) has to win the basketball game by 11 points or …

Proline Odds Much Worse Than Slot Machines, Roulette, Blackjack

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We always knew Proline odds were bad, but we didn’t fully comprehend how bad they are until reading a recent article in the Toronto Star.
The Jan. 7 article, titled ‘OLG shut down NFL Pro-Line betting on Sunday’, described how the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation constantly monitors and limits wagers on games. In some cases, the OLG will close betting on games if too many players are betting on the same combination and make the OLG vulnerable to losing too much money.
This revelation was certainly an interesting one, though it didn’t necessarily surprise us.
What did surprise us was, later in the article, an OLG spokesperson stated that the OLG aims for roughly a 60 per cent payout. That structure has allowed the OLG to make $1.7 billion since it began offering sports betting in 1992.
60 per cent payout! How bad is that?
Well, if the simple math of getting 60 cents back on every dollar you bet doesn’t paint a clear enough picture, let’s compare that payout percentage to …

Super Bowl Betting: More Betting Options Than Just Point Spread, Proline

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So much of the talk you hear about the Super Bowl is the point spread, but there are tons of other ways to bet on the big game. Here’s a breakdown of the wide variety of Super Bowl betting lines available.

(Odds taken from Bet365 on Jan. 25)

This is a very popular option for Canadian sports bettors. With Proline, you can bet on the point spread, money line (including a tie option for a game decided by 3 points or less) and the over/under. Proline will also almost certainly be offering many Super Bowl-related betting options on a props card. Using Proline to bet on the Super Bowl is obviously convenient because you can just buy your ticket at the corner store, rather than having to set up an account with an online sportsbook and deposit money in it. But you’ll be getting way worse odds through Proline Super Bowl betting, and you’ll have to parlay your Super Bowl picks (bet on a couple other games on the same ticket) instead of being …

Proline Hockey – Why You Shouldn’t Bet V+ And H+

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It’s in our nature to always search for the big score.

Whether it’s impatience or laziness or simply wanting the adrenalin rush, we’d rather take our chances on the one big payday instead of playing it safe and trying to win a little bit.

That’s why those V+ and H+ hockey odds on Proline can be so damn appealing. But, in reality, those V+ and H+ bets are among the worst you can make.

Here’s why:

In Proline hockey betting, the V+ and H+ bets mean that either the visitor (V) or home (H) team needs to win the game by more than one goal.

Problem is, wins by more than one goal just don’t happen that often in the NHL anymore. In order for the V+ and H+ bets to pay off, you’d need to get some pretty fat odds. And Proline just ain’t offering them.

In the NHL last season, nearly half (47.7%) of games were decided by one goal, including shootouts. You might think the top teams typically win by more …

Will Single-Game Sports Betting Really Help Canadian Sports Bettors?

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Bill C-290, the proposed legislation that would allow government to regulate single-game wagering in Canada gained some very serious support from Conservative Senator Bob Runciman last week.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech to Senate by the 70-year-old Runciman, who is also known for fighting against the end of slots at racetracks and for his pro-horse racing stance in Ontario:

Make no mistake: If you vote against this bill, you are not voting to put a stop to single-event sports   gambling, but you are voting to ensure it remains in the shadows, with the money going offshore and to organized crime.

No one knows for sure how much money is bet on single sporting events by Canadians, but we know it is in the billions, perhaps the tens of billions of dollars. Voting against this bill will not change it one bit. The testimony from experts at committee was clear: Single-event sports betting is readily available and widely practised by Canadians.

Runciman seems to have changed his stance — or at least his level of …

Proline Hockey Betting: Odds Are Worse On V+ And H+ Bets

If you’ve ever played Proline, you’ve likely been tempted by the bigger payouts offered by the V+ and H+ columns.

Proline’s V+ and H+ mean different things in different sports. In hockey betting, it means either the visiting or the home team is required to win by two goals or more. In baseball betting, the team you bet on has to win by two runs or more. In football betting, that spread is inflated to over a touchdown.

You likely realize there’s a tradeoff with taking the fatter odds on the V+ and H+ bets. It’s far less likely for teams to win by those margins in sports, so you’re a lot less likely to win your V+ and H+ picks. That explains why you get a bit extra on your bet.

But how much extra should you be getting when you take the V+ and H+ bets?

Here’s the answer: Way more than Proline is offering you. Often more than double what Proline is offering you, in fact.

I found this out today when …


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