March Madness Bracket Contest Great Chance To Build Your Bankroll

The March Madness NCAA basketball tournament is a great time to build your bankroll.

Each year around this time, many sportsbooks offer special bonuses to entice bettors to bet with them.

GT Bets sportsbook is doing that right now. And here at, we’re sweetening the pot.

If you sign up with GT Bets through our link and deposit $50 or more, you’ll get a 100% bonus of up to $150. Deposit $500 and you can get a 50% bonus of $250.

On top of that, once we get confirmation of your deposit, you’ll also get free entry into our SportsbookBonus March Madness bracket contest, with a chance to win an additional $750. The other top four finishers in the contest will also win cash prizes.

So, to recap:

Deposit $50 at GT Bets, which you can use to bet on March Madness NCAA basketball, the NHL, the NBA or any other sport you choose. A $50 deposit will get you another $50 in bonus money, leaving you with $100 to bet with.

And …

March Madness Cash Promotion At Sports Interaction

As if betting on March Madness wasn’t fun enough already, Sports Interaction is offering even more reason to get in the game.

For every bet ($25 or higher) that you place on the NCAA basketball tournament at Sports Interaction, you’ll get at least one ticket into three cash bonus draws.

Sixty-eight cash bonuses of $50 will be awarded in the first three rounds of the tournament. The Sweet 16 will feature 16 cash bonuses of $100, while the Final Four draw will have one grand prize of $5,000.

Any single NCAA tournament or NIT bet between $25 and $49.99 will earn one ticket towards the draws. If you parlay the bet, you’ll get two tickets. And if you make your wager on Sports Interaction’s mobile betting site, you’ll earn twice the amount of tickets you’re entitled to.

The number of tickets you’ll get increase if your wager does. On any single NCAA tournament or NIT bet you make between $50 and $99.99, you’ll get three tickets (six for a parlay, six if you bet …

FanDuel Offering $1,000 NBA Freeroll For NBA Opening Day

Not all your Christmas presents this year will be under the tree.

Dec. 25 also marks the beginning of the NBA season. And FanDuel is giving all its players a free shot at winning some money on Christmas Day.

The Fast Cash $1,000 Fantasy Basketball Contest will feature a prize pool of a thousand bucks. Simply pick a team (two point guards, two shooting guards, two small forwards, two power forwards and a centre) that fits under the $60K salary cap and hope your players fare well on Christmas day.

If you aren’t too busy unwrapping presents or spending time with family, you can follow the live scoring on FanDuel during the games to see how your picks are performing.

The opening-day NBA freeroll is a great way to try out FanDuel for free, with the added bonus of having a chance to win some money as well.

FanDuel and other daily fantasy sports sites are the new age of fantasy sports. Rather than picking a team at the beginning of the year and having …

FanDuel Offering 50% Bonus For NFL Fantasy Football

If you’re looking to make some money betting on fantasy football this season, FanDuel is making it even easier for you.

To celebrate the opening of the NFL season, FanDuel is currently offering a 50% deposit bonus for current account holders. Just deposit some money in your account and FanDuel will give you an extra 50% of what you deposit, up to $250.

The bonus offer expires Thursday at 8 pm eastern time, so make sure to take advantage of a pretty sick offer.

New signups remain eligible for the regular signup bonus offer, which can award as much as $30 on your first deposit.

In case you don’t know, FanDuel offers you a way to play daily and weekly fantasy sports for money. The site offers fantasy sports for football, baseball, basketball and hockey. You pick teams for that night or week’s action, with rosters limited by a salary cap. You can play head-to-head against others or in a large group with thousands of dollars up for grabs. The site hands out over $20,000 …

Super Bowl Bonuses – The Top 5

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Super Bowl Sunday is just over a week away and online sportsbooks are doing their best to attract new players. This certainly qualifies as a great time to join a new sportsbook to take advantage of some really great sportsbook bonuses.

After much sifting, we’ve compiled the following list of our 5 favourite bonuses between now and Super Bowl Sunday.

JustBet Sportsbook

Bonus: 150%!!!

JustBet is offering the best Super Bowl bonus this season, a ridiculous 150% total bonus for new players.

Bonus Details:

  • 90% free play to use in the sportsbook (10x rollover)
  • 60% bonus to be used in the casino (25x rollover)
  • Max $750 bonus (which is a $500 deposit)
  • Minimum deposit is $50 to qualify

So if you deposit $500 you get a $450 free play for the sportsbook AND $300 to use in the casino. Bonuses this high don’t come along very often, especially from a highly rated sportsbook.

Join JustBet through this link to grab this bonus.

Wagerchief Sportsbook

Bonus: 50% cash + 50% free play +

WagerChief Christmas Bonus Offer

WagerChief has come up with a new bonus offer just in time for the holidays.

If you deposit $100 to $200 at Bet Phoenix, you’ll receive a 50% cash bonus, a 50% free play and a $25 three-team parlay on Christmas Day games.

The three-team parlay on Christmas Day must be used on games scheduled on Dec. 25.

For more information, check out WagerChief‘s bonuses and promotions page.…

Why You Need A Pinnacle Account

A sportsbook bonus sure is a nice thing, but it’s not the only thing.

Perks like reduced juice, excellent customer service, prompt payouts and high limits should also get your attention when looking for an offshore sportsbook to play with.

That’s why Pinnacle Sports, despite not offering any bonuses at all, is a must-have account for any sports bettor (except for those in the United States, since Pinnacle unfortunately closed its doors to the American market several years ago).

Pinnacle makes up for its lack of bonuses with the lowest juice in the industry, the best customer service, lightning-quick payouts, high limits and a website that is arguably the best in the business.

Pinnacle’s low odds pricing (for example, NFL odds are at -103 instead of the standard -110) means its margins are razor thin, but the sportsbook is still profitable because of the massive volume it deals with. Pinnacle also keeps its overhead costs down by handling customer service almost exclusively by email, but the rare conflicts you might have will be quickly …

Best Sportsbook Bonus Ever

Not all sportsbook bonus offers are too good to be true.

In August 2006, online sportsbook made serious waves in the sportsbetting industry by offering what is widely believed to be the most generous promotional offer ever.

Mansion basically offered bettors a free shot at $1,000 U.S. if they wagered $1,100 on the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the spread in their 2006 NFL season opener. If the Steelers covered against the Miami Dolphins, bettors would be credited with their $1,000 win. If Pittsburgh failed to cover, Mansion said they would refund the wagers, leaving bettors with their original $1,100.

Bettors couldn’t lose. In fact, anyone who bet $1,100 on the Steelers at Mansion and then hedged the wager by putting $550 on the Dolphins at another sportsbook guaranteed themselves approximately $500 in profit – as long as Mansion came through on their word.

While some bettors were leery of the offer, many took advantage of it. Mansion closed the promotion after 5,000 participants signed up, leaving Mansion on the hook …

Sportsbook Bonuses for October

October is a great month to bet on sports.  The MLB Playoffs begin. The NHL and NBA seasons get underway and football (NFL, CFL and NCAA) is in full swing. And as a bonus this year, the Ryder Cup begins today in Wales.

Looking to score some extra cash to bet with this month? The following sportsbook bonuses are the best choices for Canadian sports bettors in October.

#1 Sports Interaction – 100% Instant Cash Bonus to $125 (Expires October 7th). Deposit $125 and get another $125 added to your account instantly.

#2 Bet365 – 100% Cash Bonus to $200.

#3 Wagerchief – Deposit $200 and get a $200 Free Play bonus plus a free half-point on football bets every Tuesday and Friday.

#4 Skybook – 100% Free Play Bonus to $250 plus a free half-point on your football bets every Monday and Friday.

#5 JustBet – 60% Free Play Bonus to $300. Deposit $500 and get $300 Free Play added to your account.

#6 The Greek – 21% Cash Bonus to $250.…

New 5Dimes Sportsbook Bonus – Buying Points

5Dimes Sportsbook has announced a new promotion for their customers. Players can now elect to move the betting line in their favour with better pricing when buying points on football and basketball wagers. If you find yourself regularly buying points, check out this new promotion from 5Dimes and save yourself some money.

5Dimes is currently offering the following rewards to their players and we’ve ordered them according to our preference.  Reward types cannot be combined. If you already bet at 5Dimes and want to update your account preference, use their live chat.

1. Reduced Juice

Save yourself 50% by betting at -105 instead of the standard -110 on your wagers. This sportsbook bonus is our recommended option for new players and an absolute must if you bet baseball. 5Dimes offers the lowest pricing of any online sportsbook (-103/-102) on overnight baseball lines.

Reduced juice is available on the day of the game and on bets up to $500.

2. Free Play Bonus (50%)

Get up to $520 in free play money with this sportsbook …


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