Best Sportsbook To Use For NHL Betting: Pinnacle Sports

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Question: Which is the best online sportsbook to use for NHL betting?

Answer: As a general rule, Pinnacle Sports.

Pinnacle Sports is a great sportsbook to use for any sport, to be honest. It has a rock-solid history, processes withdrawals faster than any other sportsbook, accepts a wide variety of deposit options and has razor-thin margins that allows it to offer the best odds in the industry.

This is particularly true when it comes to NHL hockey betting. On average, Pinnacle Sports holds a margin of approximately 2% on hockey bets, meaning it pays out approximately 98% of the money it takes in on every game. By comparison, other sportsbooks last year averaged margins of 4.5% on NHL hockey betting.

Using opening night of the 2013-14 NHL season as an example, the Montreal Canadiens were -130 favourites (130 to win 100) over the Toronto Maple Leafs at many books, including Pinnacle. The Maple Leafs, however, paid +110 (100 to win 110) or less at many books. Pinnacle, however, was offering Toronto +120 — an extra …

Bodog Offering Cash Bonus For NFL Football Betting

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Bodog is offering an interesting promotion for NFL football betting in 2013.

If you bet on the NFL each week of the NFL regular season at Bodog, the sportsbook will reward you with a cash bonus of up to $250.

In order to earn the $250 bonus, you must bet at least $100 on the NFL each week of the regular season at Bodog. All legs of a parlay or teaser must be on the NFL in order to qualify towards your weekly handle.

If $100 a week is a little too steep for your liking, you can still qualify for a $50 cash bonus by betting at least $25 on the NFL each week of the season at Bodog.

Going away for one weekend this fall with your better half and not sure you can sneak out of the jacuzzi to get your bets in before kickoff? Bodog will allow you to miss one week of NFL betting (called a Free Pass) and still qualify for the bonus, just as long as you …

2012 NFL Season Win Totals: The Best Sportsbook Odds

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In sports betting, just like in all other aspects of life, it pays to shop around.

Sportsbooks often offer different odds on the same games, for two main reasons. Certain sportsbooks cater to certain types of customers (for example, Bodog and Sports Interaction attract mostly recreational players who like to bet favourites and overs), so they adjust their odds accordingly. Also, sportsbooks will usually move their odds in order to ensure they have equal action on both sides, and the action on each side will differ by sportsbook.

Generally speaking, Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes offer the most accurate lines in the industry. In fact, Pinnacle Sports prides itself on having the sharpest lines in the business because it welcomes the biggest and best sports bettors in the world. If good bettors are betting at your sportsbook, it’s not difficult to quickly determine where the smart money is going on each game.

This makes it fairly common to find some real discrepancies in odds offered at your sportsbooks, and also makes it essential to have accounts …

Pinnacle Sports Adds Mobile Betting Site For Smart Phones

The best online sportsbook out there just got better.

Pinnacle Sports has finally added the biggest thing it’s always been missing — a mobile site ideal for BlackBerrys, I-Phones and other smart phones.

I would estimate I use my BlackBerry to place at least half of my bets, and I use Pinnacle Sports for the majority of those. Before, Pinnacle Sports’ full site used to load up on my phone, which meant it took a lot more effort and time to place my bets. Now, it’s a breeze.

There are a few things in particular that I really like about the new Pinnacle Sports mobile site.

For starters, when I used to log in with my user name and password, the website’s software would refresh my screen after each entry. The mobile site allows me to enter both user name and password without the screen refreshing, allowing me to log in much more easily and quickly.

Another perk of the mobile site is line changes. Pinnacle Sports adjusts its lines constantly, and my bets were …

Euro 2012 Betting: Ronaldo Likes Portugal’s Chances Versus Spain

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Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is confident that his side can shock favourites and defending champions Spain to reach the final of Euro 2012.

The Real Madrid ace’s three goals in his last two games have fired Portugal into the last four, where they are +175 underdogs at Bet365 to end Spain’s bid for a third consecutive major title.

And the former Manchester United star sees no reason why the Spaniards, -225 favourites at Bet365 to reach the final and +162 to lift the trophy, cannot be overcome in Donetsk.

He said: “Our objective now is to reach the final. Why not? There’s greater pressure on other sides in this tournament and we’ve been able to progress without excessive expectations.

“We’re improving and that’s important. There is great unity in our squad, we’ve a good team spirit and that helps.”

Portugal will be without injured striker Helder Postiga for the clash with Spain, with La Roja midfielder Cesc Fabregas aware that his side need to take their neighbours seriously.

He added: “Portugal will be very difficult. They have strong …

Canadian Hockey League Betting At Sports Interaction

The National Hockey League playoffs aren’t the only hockey postseason action you can be betting on.

Sports Interaction also offers season-long betting on the Canadian Hockey League, which includes the Western Hockey League (WHL), Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). The sportsbook will of course offer Memorial Cup betting later this year as well.

Check out Sports Interaction if you are interested in betting on some CHL hockey this spring.…

Proline Hockey Betting: Odds Are Worse On V+ And H+ Bets

If you’ve ever played Proline, you’ve likely been tempted by the bigger payouts offered by the V+ and H+ columns.

Proline’s V+ and H+ mean different things in different sports. In hockey betting, it means either the visiting or the home team is required to win by two goals or more. In baseball betting, the team you bet on has to win by two runs or more. In football betting, that spread is inflated to over a touchdown.

You likely realize there’s a tradeoff with taking the fatter odds on the V+ and H+ bets. It’s far less likely for teams to win by those margins in sports, so you’re a lot less likely to win your V+ and H+ picks. That explains why you get a bit extra on your bet.

But how much extra should you be getting when you take the V+ and H+ bets?

Here’s the answer: Way more than Proline is offering you. Often more than double what Proline is offering you, in fact.

I found this out today when …

Online Sports Betting In Canada Won’t Change Much

So online sports betting is coming to the province of Ontario, and perhaps the rest of Canada?

Please excuse us while we yawn.

Even with the recent passing of legislation that will allow the government to offer single-game wagering in Canada, we don’t see much advantage in it for sports bettors who already prefer using online sportsbooks.

If you’re at all familiar with Proline, you know that the provincial lotteries stack the odds against us. Not only does Proline require you to bet a minimum of two games (and most often three) at a time (known as a parlay), it also doesn’t pay you even close to what you should be paid if you win all your games.

Don’t expect things to change that much once the government starts offering single-game wagering, either.

Las Vegas sportsbooks typically offer point spread betting with a “juice” (or vigorish) structure of -110. In other words, you need to lay 11 to win 10, or 110 to win 100, and so forth. At that juice structure, bettors need …

March Madness Cash Promotion At Sports Interaction

As if betting on March Madness wasn’t fun enough already, Sports Interaction is offering even more reason to get in the game.

For every bet ($25 or higher) that you place on the NCAA basketball tournament at Sports Interaction, you’ll get at least one ticket into three cash bonus draws.

Sixty-eight cash bonuses of $50 will be awarded in the first three rounds of the tournament. The Sweet 16 will feature 16 cash bonuses of $100, while the Final Four draw will have one grand prize of $5,000.

Any single NCAA tournament or NIT bet between $25 and $49.99 will earn one ticket towards the draws. If you parlay the bet, you’ll get two tickets. And if you make your wager on Sports Interaction’s mobile betting site, you’ll earn twice the amount of tickets you’re entitled to.

The number of tickets you’ll get increase if your wager does. On any single NCAA tournament or NIT bet you make between $50 and $99.99, you’ll get three tickets (six for a parlay, six if you bet …

Super Bowl XLVI Props Available At Bodog

Remember when the Super Bowl was known as the Super Bore? Well, not anymore.

Even if this year’s big game between the Giants and Patriots turns into a blowout, there’s plenty of other things to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout Super Bowl XLVI.

Here’s a list of prop bets available at Bodog that can make even the national anthem and halftime show exciting:

Odds to win MVP
Tom Brady                           13/10
Eli Manning                          9/4
Rob Gronkowski                  8/1
Victor Cruz                          12/1
Hakeem Nicks                    14/1
Wes Welker                        15/1
Aaron Hernandez               15/1
Ahmad Bradshaw               22/1
BenJarvus Green-Ellis       22/1
Jason Pierre-Paul              30/1
Deion Branch                     35/1
Brandon Jacobs                35/1
Mario Manningham           35/1
Danny Woodhead             50/1
Antrel Rolle                       75/1
Justin Tuck                       75/1
Jerod Mayo                      100/1
Kyle Arrington                  100/1
Devin McCourty               100/1
Osi Umenyiora                 100/1
Vince Wilfork                    100/1
Jake Ballard                     100/1
Chad Ochocinco              100/1
Lawrence Tynes               100/1
Stephen Gostkowski        100/1
Field                                 20/1

How long will it take Kelly Clarkson to sing the National Anthem?
Over/.Under 1 minute 34 Seconds

What will Kelly Clarkson wear


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