The Greek Exits U.S. Market, Continues To Serve Canadians

Here’s another reason to be glad we’re Canadian.

The Greek, one of the most respected offshore sportsbook companies in the industry, withdrew from the U.S. market last weekend. Bet Jamaica, which is owned by The Greek and featured a clientele that was nearly entirely American, transferred its U.S. customers to Heritage Sports and closed its doors for good. The Greek will remain in operation for Canadians and other non-American players, while Canadians and other non-Americans with accounts at Bet Jamaica had their accounts moved to The Greek.

It’s not entirely surprising to see The Greek take these measures, and it’s certainly not a sign of impending doom for any Canadians with an offshore sportsbook account. Pinnacle Sports voluntarily withdrew itself from the U.S. market a few years ago but still remains arguably the best and safest offshore sportsbook in the world.

The Greek’s decision to pull out of the U.S. is in response to the American crackdown on funding of Internet gambling accounts. Several high-profile poker sites were also recently shut down by the …

New 5Dimes Sportsbook Bonus – Buying Points

5Dimes Sportsbook has announced a new promotion for their customers. Players can now elect to move the betting line in their favour with better pricing when buying points on football and basketball wagers. If you find yourself regularly buying points, check out this new promotion from 5Dimes and save yourself some money.

5Dimes is currently offering the following rewards to their players and we’ve ordered them according to our preference.  Reward types cannot be combined. If you already bet at 5Dimes and want to update your account preference, use their live chat.

1. Reduced Juice

Save yourself 50% by betting at -105 instead of the standard -110 on your wagers. This sportsbook bonus is our recommended option for new players and an absolute must if you bet baseball. 5Dimes offers the lowest pricing of any online sportsbook (-103/-102) on overnight baseball lines.

Reduced juice is available on the day of the game and on bets up to $500.

2. Free Play Bonus (50%)

Get up to $520 in free play money with this sportsbook …