Baseball Betting Tips: Why A Dimeline Is Important

Using sportsbooks that offer dimeline odds will provide you with a substantial advantage when it comes to baseball betting.

The term ‘dimeline’ means when the difference between what favorites and underdogs pay on a moneyline wager is 10 cents. For example, if the Mets are listed as -130 favorites and the Dodgers are listed as +120 underdogs, the difference between the line is 10 cents – or a dimeline.

Compare the dimeline to the standard 20-cent line that most sportsbooks use. With a 20-cent line, the Mets might still be a -130 favorite but the Dodgers would pay only +110 as underdogs.

Simply put, sportsbooks that offer dimelines on baseball betting (like Pinnacle Sports and 5Dimes) are charging you less juice (or vigorish) than those who only offer 20-cent lines. And that can make a big difference to your bottom line, particularly if you – like most successful baseball bettors – bet on a lot of underdogs.

The same applies to betting on totals. Most sportsbooks offer a 20-cent line on totals (over -110, …