NFL Betting Tips: Teasers Strategy

With the number of NFL games that are decided so close to the point spread each weekend, many bettors prefer to play teaser tickets instead.

Teasers, in case you don’t know, allow you to move a point spread or total in your direction (a standard NFL teaser means moving the line six points). In exchange for the extra points you receive on your bet, you’ll need to parlay at least two games on your teaser ticket and win them all to cash in.

For example, this weekend in the NFL sees the Bills as 3-point underdogs to the Giants and the Ravens as 7.5-point favourites over the Texans. If you liked the Bills and Ravens this week but were a bit nervous about the point spreads, you could move the Bills to +9 and the Ravens to -1.5 by playing a six-point teaser. You would need to win them both to cash your bet, generally getting back the same return on your wager that you would on one regular point-spread bet.

These two games are …